Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rosette & Religion, etc etc.

Soooo....these are just a few little pics I dolled up on Photoshop for my soon-to-be shop of bows & accessories & whatnot, Rosette...I'm really excited!
I'm starting it as a fundraiser for TwiCon, a Twilight convention in Dallas, that, let's be honest, is quite pricey. I have endured many verbal beatings from my friends, such as:
"You're crazy!"
"is twilight that stupid vampire book?"
and my personal favorite- "that's weird....wait, is that hot guy going to be there?" me: "umm...if you mean robert pattinson, no..." her: "oh, yeah, well then it's weird."
I have such great friends.
well, I'm off, more later, I have to work on my world religions project...I'm doing hinduism. Did you know that the world (according to hindus) was created by Brahma, who was born from a lotus that grew out of the god Vishnu's belly button while he was floating on the thousand-headed snake sheesha on the ocean of eternity? crazy stuff...but very interesting :)

xoxo, miss dash

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PaintHead said...

Nice logos...i was going to ask u about ur bows, u know Tarantino is in poly, lol
But yes very interesting stuff, i read about that stuff just because, and Vishnu..how every arm and leg means something different about the earth, coolness..i mean i don't follow it, but it's good to know what others believe.