Wednesday, April 22, 2009

don't pay any attention to this...

it's for my story...don't ask.
it kind of looks like those trashy harlequin romance novel covers, doesn' it? lol...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rosette & Religion, etc etc.

Soooo....these are just a few little pics I dolled up on Photoshop for my soon-to-be shop of bows & accessories & whatnot, Rosette...I'm really excited!
I'm starting it as a fundraiser for TwiCon, a Twilight convention in Dallas, that, let's be honest, is quite pricey. I have endured many verbal beatings from my friends, such as:
"You're crazy!"
"is twilight that stupid vampire book?"
and my personal favorite- "that's weird....wait, is that hot guy going to be there?" me: "umm...if you mean robert pattinson, no..." her: "oh, yeah, well then it's weird."
I have such great friends.
well, I'm off, more later, I have to work on my world religions project...I'm doing hinduism. Did you know that the world (according to hindus) was created by Brahma, who was born from a lotus that grew out of the god Vishnu's belly button while he was floating on the thousand-headed snake sheesha on the ocean of eternity? crazy stuff...but very interesting :)

xoxo, miss dash

Monday, April 6, 2009

my blog is back!

i haven't posted anything on here in areallyfreakinglongtime....well, 2 months or so.

is anyone still here, and paying attention to my little sad excuse for a blog?

comment please :)